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Baptism (or 'Christening' as it is sometimes called) by water and the Holy Spirit is how we become members of the body of Christ.


Baptism is not primarily a naming ceremony although the name of the person being baptised is important in the ceremony and those coming to baptism

 will sometimes take a new name, usually that of a saint; nor is it primarily a thanksgiving for the birth of a new baby,

although we always give thanks to God for the gift of all human life.


Baptism is a gift, but it also imposes obligations, most importantly to worship God in church and to seek actively

and conscientiously to be formed and educated by life in the Church as Catholics who live to serve Jesus Christ.


Those seeking Baptism will be asked to make a commitment to regular Mass attendance as part of their preparation for Baptism and ongoing life in the Church.

Who can you choose as Godparents for your baby?


When an infant or very young child is baptised, his or her Godparents will make Christian declarations and promises on their behalf.


Godparents must therefore be themselves already Baptised Catholics and living in a manner that is consistent with Christian teaching; ideally they should also be Confirmed.


Adults who are not Baptised or who are members of other religions are welcome to attend the Baptism and stand with their family at the font,

but are not asked to make the Baptismal promises and cannot be Godparents to children.


When an adult or older child is Baptised, they will also receive their First Holy Communion and possibly be Confirmed.

Confirmation is administered by the Bishop usually and will require a course of instruction before it can take place.


To enquire about having your child baptised please see Fr. Craig at the Parish Surgery which is normally held on a Tuesday evening at 5.00pm at St. Joseph's Wolverhampton