St Joseph's R.C. Church

Church Street, Darlaston, Wednesbury, West Midlands.  WS10  8DY



First of all - Congratulations on thinking about getting married!

Christian Marriage is a gift of God and a Sacrament of His Church.

It should be entered into with thoughtfulness and prayer.

Please speak to Fr. Craig if you are contemplating getting married and are hoping to have your marriage service at St. Joseph's

Certain rules apply which can be discussed.  You can arrange to get married at St Joseph's or Holy Trinity if:

  • neither you nor the person you hope to marry are subject to immigration controls and / or have overstayed your visa; and
  • you meet the State's rules for being connected to this particular church.
  • Neither party is divorced without an Annulment.


If one of these criteria seems to be a problem in your case, donít panic. Please feel free to contact us if you need to know more.

We will require documentary proof of these things and may have to refer you to other agencies or authorities (such as the Registrar or the Home Office) in case of doubt, particularly with regard to immigration state.


How Much does a wedding  cost?


This can be discussed with Fr. Craig but will not be prohibitive - so don't let cost put you off!


How much notice do you need to give?

As Marriage is such an important event in your life and is a Sacrament of the Church it needs therefore to be prepared for seriously,

 this will involve undertaking a Marriage Preperation Course ( Don't worry it's not hard and there's no test at the end!).


We would also need to sort out the legalities of the Marriage, which includes you registering your intent to marry with a local Registrar. 

This will take at least 8 weeks.